Friday, July 26, 2013

Spy Bird?

That is what the people of Turkey believed they found in May 2012.  A bird, a kestrel was caught in the Turkish village of Altınavya.
After much study, careful consideration, consultation with top academics, and a little bit of hope and faith, Turkish authorities have cleared a bird captured in the village of Altınavya of spying for Israel. Despite its “Zionist affectations,” and the fact that it clearly came from Israel, the bird is just that – a bird, and not a spy, the officials have decided.

Agent 24311
The bird – a kestrel – was “outed” by residents of Altınavya in May 2012, after a resident who examined it noticed that it was sporting a metallic ring, on which were etched the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel.” As a loyal Turk, the resident, fearing the worst, delivered the bird to local authorities. These, too, did not know what to make of the bird, and fearing a mass invasion of Israeli spy birds, transferred the bird to higher authorities in the army.

The military authorities for the past year have run various tests on the bird, including several at Turkey's Firat University, to ensure that it did not carry microchips or other hidden to the eye devices that could be used to spy on Turkey. X-Rays and numerous other tests checked out – indeed, the bird was just a bird. But apparently some officials at Firat University were not convinced; they marked the bird's file “Israeli spy,” leading to all manner of bureaucratic complications, as officials who saw the file assumed the worst.

In the end, though, the bureaucracy set itself aright, and authorities admitted that the bird was just what Tel Aviv University researchers said it was – a bird that they had been tracking to determine its migratory habits. Turkish authorities released the bird earlier this week, but not before thanking the villager who “reported” the bird in the first place, and holding him up as an example of the vigilance needed when dealing with Mossad spies and the like.

I have been told by the MSM and other members of the idiot left that Turks, and Arabs are some of the most intelligent people on the planet.  Yet time and time again we discover that they will attack as a Mossad agent any animal with a tag on them from Israel.  Everyone knows that members of the Mossad Animal Agency (MAA) aren't tagged.  They just roam or swim.  But to the Muslim mind, every animal from Israel is an enemy agent.  That is why the legions of flies that have been implanted with video cameras and sound are roaming everywhere in Muslim lands.


Right Truth said...

Good to see this is Turkey, Iran sees stuff like this all the time. They are paranoid, ha

Right Truth

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Did you know that Spy Pigeons Circle the World? LOL !!!
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