Friday, July 5, 2013

Legendary World War II Tank Invented In Ancient Israel

Hat Tip Simply Jews

Found on Merkava Street in Holon, a T-34 Soviet Tank was uncovered.
A construction crew excavating a site in Holon’s industrial zone on Tuesday stumbled upon a rusting World War II-era Soviet tank several meters underground.

The tank was found, funnily enough, on Merkava Street in the city, Merkava being the name of Israel’s domestic tank.

Israel Police initially cordoned off the area, fearing old explosives might be found nearby, but eventually concluded that there was no such danger. The police then posted pictures of the puzzling find to Facebook.

Officials said the tank — a T-34 model, first produced in 1939 — could have been captured during one of Israel’s wars, or left over from a military workshop that existed for years nearby

I suppose that those who knew how this tank got to its final resting place have long gone. And it is just a coincidence that it was found on Merkava Street.  But one thing, the Arabs aren't claiming they invented the tank first.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Kudos for the link. We should continue digging in same place. Who knows, possibly some new sensational finds...