Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guess Who Will Be The Next Secretary Of Homeland Security?

There have been many names tossed about since Janet Napolitano has announced her resignation.  But today it is announced that a member of Congress will probably get the nod.  A minority member of the House Committee on Homeland Security.  A person who would chair the committee if the Democrats were in control of the House.  A person who's qualification are unique.  Yes the next Secretary of Homeland Security will be:  Sheila Jackson-Lee.
Just two weeks after Janet Napolitano announced her resignation as Secretary of Homeland Security, the Congressional Black Caucus has suggested Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston fill her spot.

A letter dated July 25 and signed by Rep. Marcia Fudge, Ohio Democrat and caucus chairwoman, urges President Obama to consider Miss Jackson Lee for the position, calling the Democrat a “voice of reason” that the agency could stand to gain, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“Representative Jackson Lee would serve as an effective DHS Secretary because she understands the importance of increasing border security and maintaining homeland security,” the letter reads.

Mrs. Jackson Lee currently serves as a ranking member of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, a position that the caucus said she “stands as a strong and honest ‘voice of reason.’”

Ah yes. Our dear friend Sheila Jackson-Lee. The woman who doesn't have 2 working brain cells to rub together. Sheila Jackson-Lee who gave us these wonderful gems of her wisdom and knowledge:

Sheila Jackson-Lee's views on the Vietnam War

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Shelia Jackson-Lee, A Former Slave

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Can you imagine the corruption, the incompetence that would arise in the Department of Homeland Security?  The number of terror attacks committed by Muslims would soar, while Veterans and Tea Party members would be arrested for their thoughts.  Oh yes!  Under a Secretary Jackson-Lee, President Obama's destruction of the United States would be complete.

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