Saturday, July 6, 2013

Qaradawi Kicked out of Qatar

Gary Fouse

The Gulf state of Qatar has announced it is expelling Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al Qaradawi (an Egyptian) from that country, where he has lived for years in exile from the Mubarak regime in Egypt. In addition, Qatar is closing the Brotherhood offices. That is good news indeed.

Qaradawi is the Islamic scholar (one of the most noted in the world) who has called the Holocaust, "God's punishment for Jews," and has expressed his wish to die fighting in battle against the "infidels".

Now that the military is in charge in Egypt, it is not clear where Qaradawi will go. (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, perhaps?) I guess if those Spanish speaking countries full of infidels are not to his liking, maybe our vaunted State Department can arrange refugee status right here in the USA for Yusuf. Surely, there are hundreds of universities that would thrilled to give him a professorship. Maybe that Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at UC Berkeley has an opening.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, the Red Ken's buddy. Good, but I bet he will get a warm reception in London, where his friend is still quite influential.