Sunday, July 28, 2013

NBC Pimping for Hillary

Gary Fouse

What used to be a great news network is now little more than a PR arm of the Democratic Party. Now we learn that NBC is planning a mini-series on Hillary Clinton in time for the 2016 elections starring some actress named Diane Lane as The Great Woman Herself.

And who is Diane Lane and why was she chosen?

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Ah yes. The resemblance is remarkable. Those legs will look great in a pantsuit.

I can just envision how it will go. Imagine a scene in the White House with a bunch of nervous advisers-white men all- trying to tell Bill how to respond to the embassy bombings in Africa. Suddenly, Hillary walks into the room and calmly gives Bill the winning advice, and everything turns up roses (except for that aspirin factory in Sudan).

Imagine dramatic courtroom scenes, where Hillary, the greatest woman lawyer in the country, wins a case for the Rose Law Firm against corporate polluters who poisoned the air that was breathed by a five-year-old girl who died from cancer as a result.

Imagine Hillary dealing with the unspeakable pain of her husband's infidelities, but determined ultimately to keep the family together for the sake of the country.

Imagine endless scenes of Hillary jetting off to one world capital after another, speaking to world leaders, seeking peace here and there and everywhere. Why not use a little old Hollywood dramatic license and actually portray an actual peace deal brokered by Hillary, such as Israel and the Palestinians, perhaps?

Imagine Hillary as the secretary of state at three in the morning during the Benghazi attack communicating directly with Ambassador Stevens right up to the moment the line goes dead and she knows she has lost one of her best friends, giving orders and telling the army to send in the troops, only to be thwarted by nervous generals in the Pentagon. Imagine Hillary fearlessly spearheading the drive to catch and imprison the man responsible for the attack in Benghazi and other places-that film maker in LA.

How will Diane Lane ever do Hillary justice?

"Those messages from Libya never reached my desk."

And I can only wonder where the suits at NBC came up with the idea for this mini-series. Could it have been from your humble blogger-little ol' me? After all, I am the one who started the first Hillary mini-series, am I not? I have already produced one great story with three great sequels.

Note to NBC: Don't steal any of my scripts. You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

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Bigfoot said...

Will Diane Lane consent to being beaten with an ugly stick and having a high-fat diet shoved down her throat, or order to look like Hillary? Who would be crazy enough to play Bill? Or Monica?