Friday, July 19, 2013

Trayvon's America

A jury of 6 women listened to testimony from witnesses for over a month.  They digested the information, the evidence, and came to the conclusion that George Zimmerman acted in Self-Defense.  Not once was "Stand Your Ground" brought up.

What we are seeing is so-called Black Leaders (Race Baiters) seeing a way to raise money, to gain new government programs and try a form of gun control, have been stirring up the semi-literate black population and get them to riot.  The trouble is that the local police haven't gotten the word and keep stopping them from rioting.

Blacks will not be happy until George Zimmerman is hung, drawn and quartered.  The Federal government will find a liar to bring up racial charges against Mr. Zimmerman.

I wonder what would happen if White people started to riot?

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