Monday, September 19, 2011

The Worst Is Yet To Come!

That is what it is beginning to feel like.  Tomorrow the United Nations will grant the Arabs nation #58, Fakestine.  A nation with no real history (They have been inventing one.), a colonizing people (They came to the land from Yemen in the 1480's.) and no economy to speak of.  (In fact, without Israel these people would have no jobs, no income.)  To the world Jews Israel is the worst of all peoples.  They systematically murder their neighbors.  Well, not really.  They have cut off all utilities to the Arabs.  Not ever.  They cause the deaths of a Palestinian child in Gaza of starvation every 10 seconds.  Definitely not!

Sorry Bob Beckele but you were wrong there.  For that to be true there would be 1,500 children dead every day, 500,000 every year.  Since the population of the Gaza Strip is 1.5 million people, and has been this stable for 20 years, I have to ask:

1)  Where are the bodies or mass graves?
2)  How the heck can the women of Gaza give birth to that many children each year?

In other words Bob Beckele, you have repeated a blood libel, thus exposing your anti-Semitism.  Shame on you.

But getting back to the feeling of doom and gloom.  On Wednesday the Durban III conference starts, the conference that automatically allows the murderers, rapists, thugs of the world (especially if they are Muslim) get away with mass murder.  The only nation to be brought up on charges will be....wait for it...Israel.  On Wednesday night Ahmadinejad Monkeyman will be dining at Columbia University.  On Friday the Fakistinians will be demanding the Security Council give them the nation of Israel.  It would be laughable except the Security Council is being led by Lebanon this month.  Now 2 things might happen:

1)  Seeing the disaster of the recent election of the Congressional seat of NY's 9th district, seeing Jewish voters and more importantly, Jewish money slipping from him, Barack Hussein Obama tries to bribe the Jewish community and vetoes the Fakistinian resolution.  Disaster averted for a while.

2)  Seeing the disaster of the recent election of the Congressional seat of NY's 9th district, seeing Jewish voters and more importantly, Jewish money slipping from him, Barack Hussein Obama decides that he will not be able to get a second term as President and allows the Fakistinian resolution to pass.  Now the proverbial s**t has hit the fan!

Now what will happen is the Arab League will demand a no-fly zone over Israel.  Knowing that the Arab League is incapable of flying against the IAF, they will demand the Security Council perform a "Humanitarian Intervention".  That millions of Fakistinians will be killed.  NATO (specifically the United States) responds by flying a sortie or two over Israel, even bombing a building or two.  Israel responds by blowing up an US aircraft carrier or two, the war will heat up and the United States will send ground troops.  Thus the Muslims get exactly what they want:  The United States fighting their war, dying for their cause, and fighting their enemy.

How many American deaths will the people of the United States accept to placate the Arabs?
What will Barack Hussein Obama do with the 6 million Jews in the United States?

You can bank on Code Pink having a field day!  They would be 100% behind the US effort.  The first time any of those Moonbats would be behind a US military effort.

Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and other anti-Semites would line up to man the camps.  They would be drooling to steal the property of the Jews.

We are at a very important crossroad.  One between a civil world and world war.  Which one do you think Obama will choose?


Debbie said...

Great article. You know this is KILLING Obama, he wants to vote for the Palestinian state so bad he can taste it.

People like Bob Beckle say anything they want and many who here him will believe his statement as true, without any research.

Right Truth

PatriotUSA said...

Debbie is correct and the pos mullah in the White House hopefully is dying from not being able to sign on with the fakestinians and put the screws even more on Israel.

There is much worse to come for Israel and the Jews of the world. Good article and all of it is a very real possibility. Time will tell and most likely not in a good way.