Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arab Spring Will Become The Arab Winter War

What will the Arab Spring bring?  An Arab Winter of Radical Islam, War and hardship for the Arab world.  Thus is the assessment of IDF Home Front Command chief Major General Eyal Eisenberg.
'Arab Spring' revolutions have destabilized the region and raised the likelihood of war, top general says.

"It looks like the Arab Spring, but it can also be a radical Islamic winter," IDF Home Front Command chief Major General Eyal Eisenberg said during a speech at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv on Monday.

"This leads us to the conclusion that through a long-term process, the likelihood of an all-out war is increasingly growing," Eisenberg said.

"Iran has not abandoned its nuclear program. The opposite it true; it continues full steam ahead," he said.

"In Egypt, the army is collapsing under the burden of regular security operations, and this is reflected in the loss of control in the Sinai and the turning of the border with Israel into a terror border, with the possibility that Sinai will fall under the control of an Islamic entity."

"In Lebanon, Hezbollah is growing stronger within government arms, but it has not lost its desire to harm Israel, and the ties with Turkey aren't at their best," He added.

Referring to what he characterized as the possibility of a "radical Islamic winter," Eisenberg warned "This raises the likelihood of an all-out, total war, with the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being used."

During his address, Eisenberg admitted new, more lethal arms surfaced in the hands of Gaza terror groups during the latest round of fighting in the area. As result of the disturbing development, Israeli civilians were instructed to adopt greater precautions, he said.

"We discovered a new weapon, and as result of this we instructed the public to hide under two roofs, rather than only one," he said.

Since the start of the Arab Spring many of us, myself included, have stated that this will lead to radical Islamists usurping the governments that have collapsed.  We have already seen in Egypt that the 30 year old peace treaty is being slowly revoked.  Iran is closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon, Hezbollah has control of Lebanon, and Assad needs to relieve the pressure on his government.  It is just a matter of time before the PA and its cohorts start a war with Israel.  (In the hope that they can destroy the country.)

War is coming, and with Obama in the White House it only means one thing.  Israel will have to stand alone to fight this one.

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