Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Ugliest Conservative Blogger in the World

That's right.  Below is a picture of the ugliest Conservative blogger in the world.  So ugly that I have to put it under a break.

Beware, you might go blind if you look at it too long!



You have my permission to run away in horror, cover the eyes of your children and pets and wretch in disgust.


Jungle Mom said...

Finally we get to see you!!!

PatriotUSA said...

Hi Findalis,
Nice try! The illegal alien muslim in the White House and mooch are Waayyyyy uglier than you. You are not ugly either. I am and that is why very few have evr seen what i look like. Heh!

Bill Smith said...

Dear Findalis,

LOL! If you are claiming to be the Ugliest Conservative Blogger in the World, then indeed we must all be beutiful people. Hey, we are!

While Truth is the truth; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And when you were born, G-d said "Isn't she beautiful."

Thanks for linking to Blogs For Borders (I'm the editor) . I would be please to exchange links between the ARRA News Service and your blog.

From possibly the "Oldest Conservative Blogger,"
Keep Blogging - sweet lady.

Dr. Bill (Ozark Guru)