Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Years!!!!

It has been 2 years since I have smoked a cigarette.

The first 3 weeks were hell on my body.  The first week I thought I'd kill somebody.  (Of which I am very grateful for the HTBC {(if it existed, which it doesn't} and the service they perform.)  I had a little help in my quit:  If I wanted a cigarette I would take an Altoids instead.  By the end of the third week I had put down a pack a day cigarette habit and picked up a 3 pack a day Altoids habit.  My lungs were clear and my breath was very sweet (and minty).

It took me years to quit this nasty habit.  Wasted years and wasted money.  And I did this quit without a patch, without a pill, without a chemical help.  Just with the support of the men and women at QuitNet .  If you want to quit and need a little help, they will help you.  The service is free.  The help is there.  Try it.  You too can be smoke free.

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