Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mosab Hassan Yousef Video: Yousef's Conversion from Islam to Christianity

by Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook

Mosab Hassan Yousef is a Palestinian man living in San Diego, seeking political asylum. His father is a founder of Hamas, and today is in an Israeli prison. Mosab became an undercover agent for Israel’s Shin-Bet. He is credited with saving many Israeli lives, included thwarting an assassination of Shimon Peres.
Mosab Hassan Yousef

The Department of Homeland Security believes Mosab is a national security threat. He faces a San Diego Homeland Security Immigration judge on June 30th and faces deportation. Sending Mosab to the Middle East will mean certain death. Learn more about Mosab Yousef’s story at Save Mosab Yousef.
In the video below, Mosab explains how a chance meeting with a tourist in Jerusalem started him on a long journey of study, and eventual conversion.

This video is quite a story. For those of us who believe we understand the grace of Jesus Christ, it is difficult to contemplate what this very young man went through.

Visit Dark Skies Blog for the entire 6 videos. The following video is No. 5.

Mosab Yousef on His Conversion from Islam to Christianity (video)

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