Thursday, June 3, 2010


 Recently I was asked the following question:
Why are Jews so widely disliked? Perhaps due to ignorance or misinformation, I guess.

It just defies reason.

James S
I could start on a long diatribe on the history of anti-Semitism, the psychology behind anti-Semitism, or the theology of it.  No it is just a waste of time.  Instead I ask those who are not Jewish:

Why do you hate the Jews?  What did we ever do to you?

Why is it that over 80% of all Blacks in the US are rabid anti-Semities?  Jews didn't impose slavery or insist on the Jim Crow Laws.  In fact, many of us worked to repeal them.  Still Black hatred is so great that their leaders openly call for the extermination of the Jews, some on a daily basis.

Why is it that American Universities have become open sewers of hatred and hostile environments for Jews to walk through, let alone attend.  Schools once known for their open and inclusive environments, are now posting virtual signs that read"No Jew need apply. You are not welcome here."  With an annual (and in some cases bi-annual) Death to Jews week, and not only permitting but approving the call for the gassing of the 6 million+ Jews who live in this country?  Could you imagine the outrage if this was done to Blacks, Hispanics or any other group?  Oh how the MSM would howl, the Black leaders who would come out from the rocks they crawl under and demand blood.  Oh yes.  The riot would be great.

Why is it that cities will no longer look at anti-Semitism in horror?  Even after a Jewish center is shot up.  It took 2 trials to convict the shooter.

Or the Obama Administration's Regimes' new policy of no longer labeling anti-Semitism as a Hate Crime.  It will just be like any other crime.

In the olden days Jews could expect to see Cossacks, Muslims, the KKK, Spanish, French, English, Irish, Polish, Slavs, Italians and Germans staging PogromsToday we are witnessing a high-tech Pogrom being led by the Muslims, but with the support of the EU and the US.  It is being spurred on by the Media who has become the cheerleaders for the next Genocide (I understand they are fighting over the video rights.).

I am tired of being blamed for:
  1. The death of Jesus
  2. Rejecting Christianity
  3. Rejecting Allah
  4. The Black Death
  5. Crop Failures
  6. Famine
  7. AIDS
  8. Or any natural disaster G-d has seen fit to send you.
I am also tired of being called:
  1. Kike
  2. Yid
  3. Hebe
  4. Sheeny
  5. Hebrew
  6. Jew
  7. Jewbag
  8. Israel
  9. Big Nose
  10. Hook Nose
  11. Zionist (instead of Jew)
I have been called these on many occasions.

For 2000 years we Jews have bore the brunt of your stupid hatred.  Don't you think it is enough?  Are you ready to grow up and stop hating us?  Or are you just going to continue your childish, idiotic ways?

For you see, we Jews will not take it any more! We are not weak, helpless, or defenceless!  We have taken the worst that you Bastards have done to us and have emerged stronger, wiser, and with a new attitude.  We will no longer kow-tow to you!  We will do whatever it is necessary to survive, even if that means placing our most precious gift, our children, in harms way, in war.



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