Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The American Ideal Has No Caboose To Kick

From The Canadian Free Press
by Judi McLeod

In spite of a Hollywood-like DC atmosphere providing the showcase for his tough guy stance, President Barack Obama’s chief enemy is one that has no caboose for him to kick.

Obama’s strongest enemy doesn’t come dressed in the uniform of a 4-star General. Obama’s most enduring enemy is the American ideal. And you can’t kill off an ideal, no matter how brutal your best butt boots. The American ideal cannot be captured or locked up in a box. It lives in the human heart, defies subjugation and transcends legislation.

Trying to rid the Free World of the American ideal is akin to wrestling with air.

As a tyrant, you can flout your power in nauseating numerous ways and even count on saturation media coverage to disseminate the false message of your bravado.

You can do all those things to demoralize the people living by the ideal, but the ideal will still be standing there, no matter how passionate your fusilades of destruction.

You can shred the Constitution to bits and privately laugh it off as you bask in the praise of the people invited to Wednesday night White House parties. You can get off on the power that comes from flying hither and thither on Air Force One .

You can shoot endless hoops, play endless rounds of golf, reminding yourself while at play that you’re The Most Powerful Man on Earth.

You can start your own war with the beleaguered State of Arizona and blithely ignore the cries of your own peoples’ pain.

You can make a PR Showcase for Cap and Trade by blockading anything that might ease the Gulf oil spill.

Even though you can’t stifle the daily insults around the office water cooler, you can fire a four star general all because some of his staff took potshots at easy to poke fun at Joe Biden.

You can even, with an uncouth and crude claim in the most unpresidential language of all time, “kick #####”.
But try as you might, you cannot kick in the caboose of an ideal.

History was not rewritten when Obama, his wife, children and mother-in-law moved into the White House in the last chapter of a pre-scripted fairytale when so many still see that arrival only as a temporary setback.

You can swallow whole Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, but you can’t stuff those rules down the throats of the legions who see them as Marxist monstrosities.

After 18 long months, Obama has not won over the respect of Americans who did not vote for him in 2008.

There is no way to stifle the history that came before Barak Hussein Obama, only the opportunity to fail trying to revise it.

Dictators always skate on the thinnest of ice. Some show Figure 8s before skating off into obscurity; others go crashing through the ice.

There must be a lot of frustration in the everyday life of Barack Obama because his most dangerous enemy is not made of mere flesh and blood, or anything else easy to get at.

Each and every holiday on the year’s calendar must leave this community organizer a little more desperate and depressed, tradition being a reminder of the never-ending American ideal.

And now as we approach America’s 234th birthday on July 4th, the American ideal will be showing itself stronger than ever. Flags will fly, the Stars & Stripes will be heard everywhere in Small Town America.

No, you can’t stomp down a 234-year-old ideal. Because even if you stomp it hard, it will continue to show up everywhere it has spread.

Why can’t a tyrant take down the American ideal? Because somewhere off America’s shores, there’s always some little fisherman, some little postman, some single mother in countries not as free as America who will still wake up in the morning determined to put wings on the dream of being able to raise their families in the USA.

Through all of life’s struggles, they are kept going by the vision of an ideal of a better life. They cling forever to an ideal, an ideal for which there is no kick-##### death.

Happy Independence Day, Mr. Obama.
Why is it that millions of people scramble to come to America each year, but millions of Americans don't emigrate elsewhere?  What is it that this nation has to attract so many to its shores?  Why is it the USA is considered the shining Beacon of Freedom and not France, Great Britain, or any country of Europe?

The strength of this nation is in its people, its foundations, its morals.  It is not taken from its leaders, who are fleeting and not a permanent fixture.

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bernie said...

I wish I could read these things in our press.

The Canadian Free Press has a slogan that no leftist media in America would have the patriotism to display:
... because without America there is no free world.