Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 Million Dead!

Today is the day we remember and mourn those who were murdered by the Nazis and their allies.

We have to remember it wasn't just Germans who worked in the camps, but volunteers from EVERY country the Nazis conquered.  These volunteers were often more impassioned with their horrid task, bringing an enthusiasm to the job that often the regular SS didn't share.

We can safely assume that the men and women who worked in the Concentration Camps were defective in their moral fiber.  Whether from birth, disease or upbringing, this defect of character added to the horror those interned there faced on a daily basis.

If there were no proof of the horror caused by these defective people then I would be at fault. I submit the following as partial proof of the horror they caused.

None of the horror would have been possible if the people of Germany first, then the occupied nations would have stood up and screamed NO!  Instead they were silent, or worse they collaborated with the murderers.  After all these were only Jews. And their church taught them to hate the Jews from birth.

Those who did not speak up, or try to save one life are as guilty of the murder of 6 million Jews as those who worked and ran the Camps.  An thought to remember on this Yom HaShoah.



James Shott said...


There's a lot I don't know about the Holocaust, and one of those things is that people other than Germans participated in the slaughter.

My father had a childhood friend who was in the Army, a decorated Lt. Col. with a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars.

He was with the forces that liberated Buchenwald, and took many photos, which he later made into a display that was featured each year. I wrote about him briefly (

Max Kammer was a great man, a Jew, and someone who made a great difference in his community.

Holger Awakens said...


So necessary, so powerful this posting. Bless you for never letting any of us forget the Holocaust. Every single American owes it to their children to inform them of what humans are capable of.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Bless you for this need to email me though the link..I always check u!..Long live Israel and her cherished people. hugs. Hope ya had a fab weekend!:)

PatriotUSA said...

Well done and thanks you so much for posting this Katie. The world seems to have forgotten about what happened to the 6 million. Instead now the world bashes Jews and Israel. accuses them of doing what the nazis did.

I am so relieved that my Mom and Grandfather are no longer alive to witness the vilification of Jews by the so called 'global'community.

We must keep reminding the world that the same horrendous event could happen again under the evil of islam and those like obama who hate the Jews and Israel. I shared this with a lot of people, Thank you, again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful post.

I would like to add this from my blog:

This wonderful woman saved more people than Oscar Schindler!

She should be made a saint.

Findalis said...

A hardy welcome to West World. The playground is a fun place to be.

She should have been honored by the world before her death. The Israeli government did honor her long ago.

But she is now honored greater than Al Gore will ever be by G-d. Her rewards are already given to her for a lifetime of following G-d's Laws not Mans. Just wait to see the "rewards" G-d has for Al Gore. They won't be pretty.

Thank you for sharing your Dad's testimony with us James. Like you my father fought in WW2, the European theater. And like your father he was also a liberator. It changed him the family said.

Those men who liberated the Camps never were the same afterwards, and their stories need to be told too.

We must never stop reminding the world of the Genocides that have occurred and are occurring now. From the Armenian Genocide by the Turks during WW1, to HaShoah of the Nazis, to Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Darfur the voices of the victims must ring out.

We must also fight the idea of calling every PalArab death as part of a Genocide. The Israelis are very bad at genocide since there are more PalArabs today than 63 years ago.