Friday, June 11, 2010

Send Obozo A Postcard

Send Obozo a postcard from Arizona asking that he come on down for a little visit.

He wants to "kick some ass", well he can start by kicking the asses of alla illegals down there. Big sissy probably won't do it.

It is time to Secure Our Border!

Stand With Arizona!


auntybrat said...

Signed and shared....

Debbie said...

Good idea.

Right Truth

Maggie Thornton said...

I have a flag pin just like Sarah's. I think it is time to get them out again, dust them off and wear them until Obama is out of office.

Love the postcard idea. I'll do it now.

Ron Russell said...

"Kick Ass", he will never kick anyone's butt---let's face the simple truth, "no balls"! Sarah is more and more spot on every day now and she is getting close to having my full support.