Monday, June 18, 2012

ATF Whistle Blower Speaks Out

Gary Fouse

If you don't know the name John Dodson, you should. He is one of the ATF whistle blowers who actually participated under Operation Fast and Furious under orders and against his better professional judgemen., Here he speaks to Fox News, one of the few (as usual) news outlets willing to report on Fast and Furious.

Of course, the Justice Department would like to convince the public that Fast and Furious was a case of a few rogue agents in Arizona as being responsible for this operation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The  very existence of the so-called investigation by the Inspector general of DOJ shows that. How is how.

Had that been the case, the IG office would sit down and question every agent involved in the operation to find out who concocted this scheme. Keep in mind nobody has been publicly identified. Nobody has been charged with anything to date. Had agents or supervisors from Arizona been the actual initiators, they would have been identified within a week by investigators. In fact, every agent who participated in Fast and Furious in any manner would have been identified within days through the interviews and investigative reports alone.

I remember back in the early 1970s when two agencies, one federal, one city, were working on a joint surveillance of suspects in a motel in Southern California. The local investigators planted an illegal bug in the suspects' room. When other officers alerted their supervisors, the case was abruptly terminated, and an immediate investigation was launched by the police department's internal affairs and the federal agency's inspectors, who came out from Washington. Everybody involved in the surveillance was interviewed and the case was referred for prosecution against those who actually planted the bug. It took a matter of a few weeks.

The truth is that Fast and Furious was concocted not in Arizona, but in Washington-either in DOJ or the White House. Why else has nobody been identified and charged after all this time? Why else would Justice be keeping some 80,000 documents from Congress that supposedly are in the hands of the IG? If the IG of DOJ is so independent, why don't they turn over the documents directly to Congress?

If the actual persons behind Fast and Furious are able to get away with this, how can we, the American people, continue to have faith in the system?

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