Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Epilogue to the Holocaust

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Front Page Magazine and Janet Ellen Levy

Giulio Meotti, writing in Frontpage Magazine, paints a sad story of the status of the surviving Jews in Europe. He begins with a description of the security surrounding the Rome synagogue- then describes what life is like for Jews in the rest of Europe-those who survived the Holocaust and those who have chosen to remain in Europe.

It is an outrage. The fact of the matter is that Europeans are quaking in their boots because they have chosen to either ignore the Jew hatred exhibited by their restive Muslim immigrant population-or join in it for practical, but immoral reasons. The result is predictable. Europe will eventually lose the last remnants of a people who have contributed so much to its culture, sciences, arts and society over the centuries to be replaced with a group that has no respect for European traditions or culture, a group that contributes little but welfare costs, crime, violence, intolerance, and hate.

Not only are the Europeans in a state of wilful denial, so are we here in the US as shown by Daniel Greenfield's article in FrontPage Magazine.

Our State Department cannot even admit the horrors in Nigeria being carried out in the name of religion by Boko Haram just as it says nothing about religious intolerance being carried out violently from one end of the Muslim world to another. It is a fact that DOS has omitted this information from their annual human rights report for 2011, a period that covers the much-vaunted Arab Spring.

And if that is not bad enough, Hillary Clinton is holding closed door meetings in Washington and Istanbul  with representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a 56-member bloc within the UN that is trying to get said UN to pass a resolution urging all member nations to outlaw "defamation of religions", which, in reality, is defamation against Islam-all as they practice religious persecution against non-Muslims in their own countries. Why is Hillary Clinton even giving them the time of day, let alone not telling them to clean up their own houses? Why does Congress not subpoena Ms Clinton to explain under oath what is going on in these secret meetings?

And where are the voices of American Muslims when it comes to religious persecution in Islamic countries?  When I recently raised this very question at a sharia workshop at Loyola Marymount University on April 18, 2012, I was told by local US Islamic leaders that:

"It is a false criteria" (Sherman Jackson).

"Don't blame Islam. Don't blame Muslims." (Sayyid Mustafa al-Qazwini)

And these same American Islamic leaders decry Islamophobia in the US. It is true that there is Islamophobia in the US and around the world (depending how you define that tricky term), and innocent Muslims are paying the price for it. Yet, by and large, Americans have treated Muslims quite fairly. FBI statistics show that hate incidents or crimes against Muslims are low-especially compared to anti-Jewish hate crimes. Yet, what CAIR and their fellow organizations are trying to do is use "Islamophobia" as an excuse to stifle legitimate criticism and discussion of issues that are causing death and destruction all over the world and threaten our very freedoms. They will not succeed.

It is not bigoted to speak the truth and state that the Islamic world has a problem when it comes to tolerating other religions. It is not bigoted to tell Muslims that we in the West want no part of their religious bigotry. It is not bigoted to tell  Muslim  jihadists (stealth or otherwise) in the US and Europe that they will not take over our societies and impose their religion and sharia on the rest of us.

The real problem-both in Europe and the US- is a lack of moral leadership. The political leaders will not listen to their own people. In Europe, I could probably be prosecuted for writing this very article. Yet they allow their dwindling Jewish populations to be targeted every time they walk onto the streets. They actually  do so in the name of tolerance (toward the perpetrators).

How much longer will it be before we have the same situation in the United States of America?

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