Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Would Any Jew Belong To The Democratic Party?

This is a question that every Jew should ask themselves.  The Democrats take for granted that the majority of Jews will vote for them.  That Jews will donate massive amounts of money to them.  That they can walk all over the Jews and they will still support them.  Then again maybe not.  Jewish money has dried up for Democratic and Obama causes.  Jewish support for Obama is dropping like a lead weight.  And now the North Carolina Democratic Party has proposed this:
The North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) is considering passing a resolution that would criticize Israel for its “illegal occupation of Palestine,” The Daily Caller reported.

While the resolution did not pass at this weekend’s NCDP state convention, it was tabled to be considered at a later date.

It attacks the United States for providing Israel with “$3 billion annually in military aid,” while the “Israeli occupation, disenfranchisement and impoverishment of significant numbers of the Palestinian population, and Israel’s overwhelming military might and its role as the only nuclear power threaten stability in a region witnessing increased demands for democracy and an end to autocratic rule.”

In the resolution, which is titled “Bringing a Just Peace to the Middle East: Israel and Palestine,” the authors accuse Israel of using “this aid to continue its illegal occupation, demolition of Palestinian homes, expansion of existing illegal settlements built on expropriated Palestinian land, and a continued blockade of essential goods from Gaza, a blockade causing a U.N.-documented humanitarian crisis.”

The resolution also says that the United States’ aid causes “violence and insecurity to Israelis, Palestinians, and helps subvert any prospect for peace.” It goes on to accuse Israel of “human rights violations” and “illegal occupation” that “violate international and U.S. law.”

If passed, the resolution would mean the NCDP “would hold its elected congress members and senators accountable for helping end our government’s role in continuing the Israeli Palestinian tragedy by making the human rights of both peoples central to U.S. foreign policy, by ending Israel’s illegal occupation, by advocating for a viable Palestinian state, and membership of that state in the United Nations.”

It would also mean the NCDP would advocate its congressional delegation bring “all parties, including Hamas, to the table to negotiate an end to the Israeli Occupation and a secure peace based on the 1967 borders,” among other things, noted The Daily Caller.

While the resolution was the only one that did not pass at Saturday’s NCDP convention, it is still being seriously considered by party members, according to the Raleigh News and Observer.

The next step is to demand this become part of the Democratic Platform at the National Convention.  A convention that is to occur at Charlotte, North Carolina.  A coincidence? I believe that it is no coincidence.

I am amazed that any member of the Jewish faith would remain a part of the Democratic Party.  A party that embraces anti-Semites as Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Shelia Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters, etc...

The time has come for the Jewish community to leave the Democratic Party en mass.  For The Tribe to remind the Democrats that they too are a minority that needs to be protected.  That they support their family in Israel.  That it was the anti-Semitic policies of Franklyn Delano Roosevelt and the Democrats that help murder 6 million European Jews.  That American Jews will NOT go quietly to the gas chambers this time.  It is time to say to Obama and the Democratic Party:  GOOD BYE!!!!!


Nick said...

Use it if you want to - part of it, all of it, whatever ..

Storm'n Norm'n said...

"The time has come for the Jewish community to leave the Democratic Party en mass."

Best line I've read all day!