Friday, June 8, 2012

Meanwhile at Foggy Bottom: What About Religious Persecution?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip CNS News

* For all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors, Foggy Bottom is the section of Washington DC where the State Department is located. In Beltway parlance, State is often referred to as "Foggy Bottom".

"Have you read the latest human rights report?"

Apparently, it is a short read because the State Department has left out a crucial part about religious rights around the world during the past year that would cover the period of the Arab Spring. The below report is from CNS News.

Is this surprising? All I could find was the period July-December 2010. Where is 2011? Why is it that other human rights categories are reported for 2011 but not religious persecution?

Here is why. It is because the most violations in this area are occurring in predominantly Muslim countries against Christians, Baha'i and other non-Muslim minorities.

I wonder if any enterprising reporters will ask Hillary Clinton to explain this omission.

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