Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Over.

So says Hamas yesterday.  For over 2 years Hamas has maintained the fiction that they were in a truce with Israel.  Now the fiction is over.
Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, called off a ceasefire with Israel late Friday, Hamas’ Al-Aqsa radio reported.

According to the report, which was quoted by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency, Hamas will allow terror factions in Gaza to respond to Israeli attacks in the Strip. Those ‘attacks’ come in response to provocations by the same terror groups in Gaza, such as Thursday’s multiple attacks near Eilat or the barrage of rockets which were fired at Israel from Gaza on Friday.

A representative of the militant group was quoted as having said, “There can be no truce with the Israeli occupation while it commits massacres against the Palestinian people without justification.

The representative added that Al-Qassam “calls on all factions to respond to the Israeli occupation’s crimes.

The ‘ceasefire’ was declared by Hamas following the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in 2009, but has been broken many times when terror groups fired rockets and missiles towards Israel’s southern communities.

More than 20 rockets, missiles and mortars were fired by terrorists from Gaza into Israeli territory on Friday. Luckily, most of them exploded in open areas and did not cause physical injuries or damage. In at least one case, the Iron Dome defense system was able to shoot down a rocket before it hit the city of Ashkelon.

One attack on the city of Ashdod resulted in a rocket landing in a synagogue in the city. Several people were wounded.

The IAF retaliated several times, identifying terror targets and striking them.

It seems that someone is looking for an ass whipping.  Unlike Operation Cast Lead, this time the IDF will not stop for a "truce" no matter what Sheik Obama demands.  He isn't having a inauguration any time soon.

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