Saturday, August 27, 2011

Humor To Weather The Storm!

Although a hurricane is no laughing matter, it is nice to smile and laugh while your world is coming down around your ears. (Or at least feels that way.)

Keep your feet dry while your sides split.

Cats will need some assembly.

Hurricane Irene has caused some disruptions.  Especially to President Obama's golf game:

It isn't all bad:

OK maybe it is!

Seen during President Obama's Magical Bus tour:


In Israel the leftists are still in tents, camping out in Tel Aviv.  I wonder how fast they will close shop if the rockets that attack Israel every day start hitting Tel Aviv?

I understand that Obama is starting to come to pieces over his Middle East Policy.

But then again the Arabs refuse to give in to him.  September should be interesting to say the least.

And now a few words from Orange Cat on why not to bother bulls:

Another good bit of advice from Orange Cat.

This just in!  Daleks on the Earth:

Who Knew?

I do hope that all of you who are in the path of Hurricane Irene keep yourself safe from harm.  My prayers are with you and your families.

Stay Safe!

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