Friday, August 12, 2011

Britain Is A Riot

The latest rant by Pat Condell

The Root Cause is STUPIDITY!

Funny how the truth becomes known when you see and hear these idiots stealing and destroying other people's property.

They feel entitled!  Yet they they get State Benefits.  Free food, free housing, free electricity, free water, free cable, free everything.

They are a bunch of pathetic, pampered, human vermin.  Not fit for a job (uneducated).  Not fit to survive without a handout. Thinking that their poop doesn't stink (It does!).

Get rid of Welfare and make these vermin work or starve.  Force the whole lot of them to live off of their labors, not the labors of others.  Make them do what the rest of Great Britain does:  Pay taxes!

The Nanny State Must Go!!!!

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