Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Winds Of Change Are Stirring

On November 3rd President Obama will be awakening to a new day, a new Congress too.  For the polls all suggest that on November 2nd the American people being fed up with the Democrats spending and Nanny state proposals will be throwing the bums out of office.

Published on on October 6, 2010

Dear Friend,

Today, October 6th, is the first day this year that the Republican candidate leads in the most recent poll in ten Senate races for Democratic seats. If the Republicans hang onto these leads, they are assured of a majority!

Even more important, the Republican is moving up in all ten races even where the margin is still narrow!

The following are the polling data from the most recent survey listed on

North Dakota = Republican + 43%

Arkansas = Republican + 18%

Indiana = Republican + 18%

Wisconsin = Republican + 12%

Pennsylvania = Republican + 7%

Colorado = Republican + 5%

West Virginia = Republican + 5%

Illinois = Republican + 4%

Nevada = Republican + 3%

Washington = Republican + 1%

And, in Connecticut, Linda McMahon is hot on the heels of Richard Blumenthal. In New York State, the last published poll had Republican Joe DioGuardi one point behind appointed Senator Kristen Gillibrand, but that poll is now two weeks old. In Delaware, the last poll is two weeks old and showed Democrat Coons way ahead but it may well have closed since.

The only piece of bad news is that Fiorini is 3 points behind Boxer, but Barbara is still under 50% of the vote.

We need to get our vote to turnout!

Click here to watch the "Battle For America" trailer


Dick Morris

We can do it!  On November 2nd your voice will be heard loud and clear by President Obama, Senator Harry Reed and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  They will finally get the message the PEOPLE have been screaming at them since last April.  They were warned!


Debbie said...

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio in the car today, and someone asked about Congress, if they would use, or take back, the power that they are constitutionally entitled. We can elect all the Conservatives we want, but if they don't get in there and take back the power that is theirs to change what has been done over the last two years, they won't be worth a wooden nickle.

Right Truth

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