Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rick Sanchez has come out of the closet!

No he isn't gay,but he has admitted in public that he is an anti-Semite.
Cuban-American anchor Rick Sanchez came on Stand Up! with Pete Dominick today for a loose exchange on current events, media, and journalism. Throughout much of the interview, the discussion touched on race. To our surprise, at various points, Sanchez took aim at Daily Show host Jon Stewart, and even referred to his (and Pete’s) employer CNN as being “run” by Jews.

Listen to the audio here.

Pete was broadcasting his daily SiriusXM talk show from CNN’s flagship Atlanta studios today, since he’s been in town putting together his new CNN weekend show.

Nearly the entire exchange between Pete and his guest was riveting, and even when highly intense, it was peppered with laughs. Lots of audio clips below…

Asked by Pete about media balance and objectivity, Sanchez railed on the likes of Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly as well as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann for being partisan and not really doing journalism, but Sanchez didn’t stop there. He spent a huge portion of the 55-minute interview slamming Comedy Central’s Daily Show host Jon Stewart, for whom Pete used to work as audience warm-up comedian.

First, Sanchez started out expressing an anecdote from his own experience, when someone who was “top brass” at CNN told Sanchez to his face that he saw Sanchez as “more as John Quiñones,” referring to the Hispanic ABC News reporter. Sanchez’s example was an illustration that the problem of racism in the media business goes further than many expect, enveloping “not just the Right,” but also “elite, Northeast establishment liberals” that “deep down, when they look at a guy like me, they see a guy automatically who belongs in the second tier, and not the top tier.”

That’s when Sanchez really let his feelings loose: “I think to some extent Jon Stewart and [Stephen] Colbert are the same way. I think Jon Stewart’s a bigot.“

Pete noted that Stewart is his former boss, and pressed Sanchez to explain himself further. “How is he a bigot?” Pete asked.
I think he looks at the world through, his mom, who was a school teacher, and his dad, who was a physicist or something like that. Great, I’m so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle class New Jersey home with everything you could ever imagine.
When Pete suggested Jews (such as Stewart) have at least some sense of what it’s like to be an oppressed minority, Sanchez seemed to make the claim that Jews run CNN and the news business in general and that Stewart thus did not in fact know what it was like to feel the sting of prejudice.

“Yeah,” Sanchez snickered sarcastically at the idea that Jews are as much minorities as Latinos in the US.
Very powerless people… [snickers] He’s such a minority, I mean, you know [sarcastically]… Please, what are you kidding? … I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah. [sarcastically]
That’s right, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez basically suggested that Jews have run the media.

Pete asked, “They can’t relate to that? A Jewish person doesn’t have a constant fear in the back of their head that we could [inaudible] the Holocaust?”

“I think his father could,” Sanchez replied, referring to Stewart.

“I think every Jewish person feels that way,” Pete said.

“I hope so,” Sanchez responded.

Sanchez also suggested Jews in general, at least of his generation or younger, are not discriminated against, though they might hear the occasional Jew joke now and again.

Read the full story.

Here are just a few examples of the full range of his intelligence:

His stupidity on the air will be missed.  His reporting will not.  He was bland at best.  I suspect that he was hired due to his being Hispanic (Affirmative Action at work.)
CNN anchor Rick Sanchez abruptly left the network Friday afternoon, just one day after making controversial comments on a satellite radio program.

"Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company," according to a statement from CNN. "We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well."

Sanchez's 3 to 5 p.m. daily spot will be filled by "CNN Newsroom" for the "foreseeable future," CNN said.

Read the full story here.
I suppose now he will do the liberal thing and blame the Jews for his being fired.  And on this occation is would be right.


Ron Russell said...

I never cared for the guy and his statements don't surprise me. Personally I'm glad to see him go and would like to see others cut from the same cloth follow! This was the first I heard of this.

Debbie said...

I'm shocked that they fired him. I could make a list of others that need to go also.

Right Truth

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh... and I already thought that there is a special closet for terminally stupid folks...