Monday, August 23, 2010

Who is Behind the Firing of Prof. James Enstrom at UCLA?

Gary Fouse

Mary D. Nichols
California Air Resources Board

Another troubling story out of California. Last year, I reported on a scandal involving the California Air Resources Board (CARB)and a study they commissioned that reported that diesel oil particulate was causing thousands of deaths. Based on this study by one Hien Tran, new regulations were passed that have resulted in huge monetary losses as well as job losses for the industries involved with diesel engines.

As previously reported, it turned out that Mr Tran had falsified his educational resume claiming he had a PHD from the University of California at Davis. In reality, all he had was a diploma from some diploma mill in London run by a guy who was living in Israel as a fugitive from the US on sex charges.

To make matters worse, the head of CARB, a radical environmental activist named Mary D. Nichols, appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger,....

....who commissioned Tran's study, learned of Tran's deception, yet chose not to advise her fellow board members as they were voting on and passing the above-mentioned legislation. In addition, Nichols remains as head of CARB, and Tran-though demoted- is still employed by CARB.

That brings us to this story by investigative reporter Lois Henry of the Bakersfield Californian regarding the recent firing of Professor James Enstrom from the UCLA Environmental Health Studies Department.

Henry was interviewed today by the John and Ken radio show (KFI 640 am).

So if you are wondering who is behind the firing of Professor Enstrom, there is more. Enstrom's 2005 study was in contradiction to Tran's findings. In addition, Enstrom gave an interview on the John and Ken radio show, in which he exposed the fraud surrounding Tran and his study. And guess who is still listed as professor-in-residence at the UCLA School of Law and Institute of the Environment.

Mary D. Nichols.

So the question arises; what was Mary Nichols' role, if any, in the decision to fire Professor Enstrom after 34 years at UCLA?

But there is positive news. According to the article my school, UC-Irvine, has someone else not afraid to speak out. I don't know Professor Robert Phalen, but I would be pleased to buy him a beer based on what I read in Henry's article. Of course, one phone call from someone like Nichols, and perhaps, he will be the next to fall.

Or me for that matter.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Boiled down to essentials, the story means that you cannot go wrong getting a diploma from the diploma mill in London run by a guy who is living in Israel as a fugitive from the US on sex charges ;-)