Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inside North Korea

This video was secretly filmed in North Korea, then smuggled out.  It eventually was obtained by a Japanese television network.  Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

A woman prostitutes herself for 2 kg. (5 lbs.) of rice, children starving, unwashed, unloved playing in dirty streets. Sleeping in parks, on railroad tracks, without the hint of a shelter.  No hope, no future for these people.

Yet their great leader Kim Jong-Il and his cronies eat well, sleep comfortably, have fine clothing. They do not suffer from the sanctions.

Contrast the video above  to these propaganda photos.  If you only saw the propaganda you would believe North Korea to be a Paradise, not a section of Hell upon this Earth.

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Maggie Thornton said...

All the do-gooders in the U.S. are supposedly in the Democrat party and never do you hear them talk about the human rights around the world - unless it is to give more power to the United Nations.