Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is It Me?

I have been wondering if it was just coincidental or was there an other force trying to tell us or warn us or just wanting to screw around with us.  I am not alone in this.  Yaakov Kirschen, the creator of Dry Bones also feels this way.

The Asian Floods—Signs of Climate Catastrophes to Come?

"They haven't gotten anywhere near the attention they deserve, but the floods that have struck much of Asia over the past couple of weeks may be the biggest humanitarian disaster in recent memory—bigger even than the earthquake that hit Haiti in January and the 2004 Asian tsunami. Both of those catastrophes killed far more, but the floods have affected 13 million people in Pakistan alone, and parts of India, China and North Korea have also suffered from the rains. The floods will destroy homes and business, wreck agriculture and destroy infrastructure, leave disease and disability in their wake. Flooding in China has already killed more than 1,100 people this year and caused tens of billions of dollars of damage. In shaky Pakistan, where the public has been enraged by the government's typically fumbling response to the flood, it could even increase support for hard-line Islamic groups."-more
Either I'm not the only one going crazy or G-d is sending us an important message.

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Maggie Thornton said...

Everything seems so extreme these days...along with the natural disasters.