Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liberal Take on the Beck Event

Gary Fouse

In preparation for Monday night's "Meltdown" with Keith Olbermann, I thought I would check out some of the liberal blogs for their take on yesterday's "Restore the Honor" event at the Lincoln Memorial. It's not pretty. Not very classy either.

Daily Kos:

"Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., has made a name for herself by using the King name to lend an air of legitimacy to political positions that seem, on their face, quite contrary to her uncle's politics. For example, this weekend, she is participating in Glenn Beck’s hatefest at the Lincoln Memorial, 47 years to the day after MLK stood in the same spot to give his “I have a dream” speech."

Huffington Post (Jason Linkins-Eat the Press)

"Today, Fox News Sunday kicks things off with an infomercial about Glenn Beck's "Restitching America's Hymen" Rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. And only after that, will the show take on the matter of the "bad economic news." It's going to be a good morning, for mescaline!"

Media Matters for America

Restore the Honor: Glenn Beck honors Glenn Beck.

Of course, we know that these folks don't like Glenn Beck, but could they not one time give credit where credit is due? I watched the event late last night on C-Span. There was no ugliness; there was no politics; there were no posters insulting Obama or Reid or Pelosi; there were no posters at all, at least that I could see. It was a positive event honoring America, our soldiers and God.

What's wrong with that?

Over 5 million dollars was raised for the children of troops killed in combat.

What's wrong with that? How much mention of that will you hear from the liberal press, Keith Olbermann and his band of regular nightly horse-holders?

Instead, they will talk up that negative-themed event held by Al Sharpton, who has more baggage than Beck ever will (Tawana Brawley, "white interlopers", etc.), in which Sharpton's main theme was "them vs. us". Yet, when it was all said and done, the only thing Sharpton had left to complain about was that Beck didn't deliver on his promise to give the crowd that "red meat" they surely had come to hear. Would it not have beautiful had Reverend Al marched his followers over to the mall to join in the celebration of America, God and our troops? They would have been welcomed. What a moving site that would have been. Instead, Al acted like a petulent child whose sandbox had been misappropriated, as if the Lincoln Memorial didn't belong to everybody.

Of course, we will hear the the crowd (at least according to the camera shots recorded by the media) was overwhelmingly white-as if that makes it equivalent to a Nuremberg Party Rally. Forget the fact that the African-Americans who appeared on stage to speak or sing received standing ovations. In the words of one California attendee who was interviewed on local radio in Los Angeles, it was because the crowd was "so grateful that they chose to come and participate with them". Martin Luther King's niece, Yet, Alveda King, who spoke at the event, is already being blasted by the liberal media- witness the Daily Kos remarks above.

So go ahead, liberal media. Rip yesterday's event all you like. I have a feeling it will only further turn off average Americans who, though not present, have watched at least some of it on TV and concluded,

"What was wrong with that?"

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