Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Royal Mail Deserves A Throne!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the loo, this comes up:

Yes the Turkish toilet also known as the Nile pan has found its way back into British Bathrooms, this time at the Royal Mail.
A ROW has erupted after Royal Mail introduced loos for Muslims at one of its biggest centres.

Special “Nile pans” have replaced two normal loos at one of the north’s largest post processing plants.

About half the staff at the Manchester Mail Centre are Asian but most cannot believe anyone asked for the hole-in-the-ground toilets.

Some members of the Asian community are said to prefer squatting and the lavs are common in China, Turkey and Iran.

But others are seeing red and say the porcelain thrones are a nightmare to clean and have caused a cultural divide.

One member of staff described how cleaners had refused to touch the foreign toilets as they had been left in such an awful state.
I could well imagine the sight and smell that these 7th century wonder toilets can produce.  It would be disgusting to say the least.
She said: “The toilets were put in over the last six to eight weeks. We’re all shell-shocked. They have taken out two blocks of toilets and taken one from the men’s and one from the ladies and replaced them with these pans.

“Most of the Asians here are Muslims. It’s a great mix of people here and we all like that. We all get on great but now everyone’s frightened to broach the subject.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “The washroom facilities we provide in Manchester are intended to meet the needs of all our employees.”
I wonder if these idiots in the government went out to the homes of the Muslims "Asians" who work for them and removed the standard toilet and replaced it with the hole in the ground.  Perhaps they could put them outside in a special building.  They would feel right at home.

I feel that Great Britain is lost.  They will do anything, accept any stupidity to further their idea of multiculturalism.  Even if it means giving up the flush toilet in favor of the hole in the ground.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I feel that Great Britain is lost. They will do anything, accept any stupidity to further their idea of multiculturalism. ..this is why they deserve what they get Katie!

bernie said...

On a positive note, the hole in the ground will make it easier for the thirsty British dhimmis to lap water since they won't have to raise their heads while they are groveling before their Muslim masters.

Debbie said...

This is just disgusting. Bernie always has a unique slant on things, ha.

When will we learn?

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