Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things To Look For In Tonight's Speech

In tonight's State of the Union speech we will hear President Obama declare himself to be a "Man Of The People" looking out for the Middle Class men and women like you and me. Just plain working Joes.

Just a plain working stiff.

How he has a plan to make America work again.  How his foreign policy is working and how to pass Health Care, Cap and Trade, and destroy the 2nd Amendment too.

What you also will see and hear is this:

The new whipping boy for the Obama Administration:

We will see an appearance of the President's closest aides. No not Axelrod and Emanuel, but this pair:

And we will see a repeat of the Pelosi Boing Dance:

Oh and the reason that the State of the Union is on a Wednesday night instead of the Tuesday night it is normally held on is because last night was the season opener of the series LOST.  A show that has more holes in the plot than Swiss Cheese, is poorly written and badly acted.  But because followers of the show raised a stink (They formed FACEBOOK group and in today's PC climate that is as powerful as marching in the streets.), the Obama Administration caved into overwhelming pressure.

I hope for many things:
  1. This to be the last season of Lost.
  2. The Democrats to lose their majority in both Houses of Congress this November.
  3. President Obama to be a one-term President.

One can only hope.

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