Sunday, January 17, 2010

Counterterrorism Calendar 2010 - Interactive Four Color

 by Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook

No wonder Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's name did not show up on our terrorist watch lists. The folks at the National Counterterrorism Center were scurrying around to meet the deadline for their new 2010 counterterrorism calendar, which is an interactive four-color publication -  under the masterful direction of the National Counterterrorism Chief, Michael Leiter. There is also a 'daily planner' version in a pdf doc. Not sure how we use it for daily planning. It is 160 pages - that's a lot to print out. hmmmm. Maybe we can order it, but...don't see that info anywhere on the website.

Counterterrorism Calendar 2010

The interactive calendar details terrorist groups, methods and tactics, terrorist profiles, and a list of rightwing extremists (nah, just kidding about that last one). There is an interactive map with a guide to the history, areas of operation and the current status of terrorist groups. I launched the map and found al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen) - the one Janet Napolitano was so amazed to find still yet determined to kill us, or maybe it was news to her the Yemen group even existed.

I launched the interactive historical timeline of terrorism and clicked on December. Abdulmutallab was not profiled. Maybe we're still not certain the Christmas Day underpants bomber was a terrorist.

Under Methods and Tactics, there is a category for "Terrorism Definitions." "Politically motivated violence" is mentioned. Religious violence is not mentioned, but that's fair because Islam is a government, not just a religion. You might remember that we recently officially renamed terrorists as "unprivileged enemy belligerents." "Belligerents are mentioned as "mismatched in their military capabilities...."

We have only four countries listed as state sponsors of terrorism: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

The Terrorist Exclusion List Designees (TEL) excludes members of their organization on the list from immigrating. Hamas didn't make the list.

Git yer counterterrorism calender here.


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow what a great find!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Uhu, good stuff. As for indications re pantybomber, I just posted on something that could have helped to get him in time. Here:

Look for Abdulmutallab.


Debbie said...

Zakaria Amara, the alleged mastermind behind the plot, an aborted terrorist plot to blow up the Toronto Stock Exchange and government facilities, including Parliament, and to behead the Canadian Prime Minister, to life in prison. They insisted that he be called a terrorist and NOT a criminal.

Who would have thought that the Canadians would be stronger than our American administration.

This calendar is just another website the Obama administration will tout and will fail to be accurate.

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