Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Justice Is Served!

On June 10, 2009, shortly before 1 pm, James von Brunn entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and proceeded to open fire upon the patrons inside.  Stephen Tyrone Johns, a humble security guard with a heart of gold, was killed trying to subdue von Brunn.  (A scholarship fund has been set up for his children.  You can contribute to it here.)

It has been nearly 7 months and von Brunn has not been brought to trial.  And he never will be.
At Butner federal prison in North Carolina, spokeswoman Denise Simmons announced that James von Brunn died shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Simmons said von Brunn had "a long history of poor health which included chronic congestive heart failure and sepsis." She said he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Von Brunn's lawyer, A.J. Kramer, called the death "a sad end to a tragic situation," but declined further comment.

Von Brunn had been awaiting trial for the killing of security guard Stephen T. Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on June 10. Von Brunn had been wounded by return fire.

Read the full story here.
Now some people would question the assumption that Justice has been served for Stephen Johns, but I contend that von Brunn is now in front of the highest court in the Universe, before the greatest Judge that could ever be, and HIS judgement on von Brunn will be swift.  There will be NO APPEAL from this court.

There is one being who is dancing for joy over this. 

He is eagerly awaiting his disciple!


PatriotUSA said...

Indeed justice has ben served.
There will be no plea bargins,
last minute appeals, no stay of
execution at the last minute.
The only thing Von Brunn
was guaranteed of was one
way ticket to HELL where he
will be in bad company with
his fellow nazis,
islamofascists, and other
perverts from the world's
most evil and violent

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I agree with you findalis. And it spares the family of Mr. Johns and his beautiful young son.