Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Typical Moonbat

When I published Moonbats Ahoy I knew that I would get comments such as the following:
The IDF knew full well that "The Spirit of Humanity" (chartered by an organization expressly committed to non-violence, populated by an international retinue of peace activists including a Nobel laureate, and previously inspected and cleared by Cypriot authorities) bore absolutely no threat to the people of Israel. This is just simple piracy by the IDF, every bit as illegal and immoral as Israel's larger suffocating blockade of the Gazan people. And as always, we Americans bear great responsibility for it, as it's being executed with our weapons and our tax dollars.

The Free Gaza Movement (the aforementioned non-violent organization dedicated to peaceful resistance of Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza) has done a great service, in bringing this issue back to the public eye, where it belongs. And as for where they're getting these funds? Well, they'll be getting some from me and my family. Starting today.

Patrick Meighan
Culver City, CA
Like all good Moonbats, Mr. Meighan has swallowed the Kool-Aid.

For the record:

The Spirit of Humanity Leaky Rust Bucket filed a sailing plan with the authorities on Cyprus that stated their next port of call was Port Said. To do this without actually planning to go to that port is in violation of International Maritime Law.

Said Leaky Rust Bucket was seized off of Ashdod, Israel, inside Israeli waters. Again in violation of International Maritime Law.

Israel has the right not to supply any thing to Gaza. The border was closed (and will remain so) due to the daily rocket attacks on Israel (ever hear of a city called Sderot Mr. Meighan?) and until Sgt Gilad Shalit is returned alive to Israel (kidnapping in illegal in all nations). Israel supplies daily 60 tons of food, fuel, medicine. Where do you think the terrorist in Gaza are getting their electricity and water from? Why don't you scream about Egypt? They have closed their border with Gaza too. Ooops. Egypt is Muslim thus allowed to do so.

Do you know what is inside those Kassam rockets that the peace loving people of Gaza fire at Israel civilians Mr. Meighan? Concrete, steel re-bars, nails and glass. The better to maim and kill.

The same materials which you claim are being used for the non-violent Free Gaza. So much for that claim lie.

Like all good Moonbats Mr. Meighan has been taught that so-called Palestinians are victims (even when they are killing Israelis), that everything they do is acceptable. He is also taught that all Jews Israelis are evil and must be destroyed.

Mr. Meighan can throw away his money on Free Gaza. He can believe that all Israelis should be killed (Free Gaza is an arm of Hamas) and he can even write what he wants to about them.

But here at Monkey in the Middle the lies of Hamas' cover group Free Gaza will not be allowed a place. Here we speak the truth, not propaganda and lies.


Debbie said...

You can't convince a moonbat of anything, I've learned it's a waste of breath, time, and effort. It's good to shine the light of day on them though.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Mr. Meighan (can't believe he left a name) shone that light on himself, Debbie. They always end up doing so. He sure came to the wrong place. If he wants to pit fact against fact, Monkey in the Middle isn't the place to do it because his facts become seen as rubbish they are when the truth is revealed.

Really Patrick, you've got to do some homework.

auntybrat said...

IF any of those ****** bothered to educate themselves, they would have to admit that all they spew is WRONG! And that just wouldn't do.