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How Self-Hating Jews Show Their Support For Israel.

Rachel Corrie in one of her better moments: Burning an Americaan Flag.

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The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival was formed to showcase Jewish filmmakers around the world. In earlier times it was used to show films on the plight of Jews in the Soviet Union, stories of courage during the Holocaust, and films from Israel. That is until The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) two openly anti-Israel groups, took over control of the festival. So instead of stories dealing with the plight of Jews, there are now stories dealing with self-hating Jews such as this one:

In 2003, in a controversial incident, 22-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed while attempting to stop an Israeli military bulldozer from demolishing homes in Gaza. Rachel is a dispassionate but devastating essay investigating the circumstances of her death—including astounding eyewitness testimony from activists, soldiers, army spokespersons and physicians, as well as insights from Corrie’s parents, mentors and diaries. It quietly raises troubling questions while painting a complex portrait of a committed activist.
That was directly from their website. In an attempt to placate the critics of this decision, the festival issued the following statement:

As with all the films we show at SFJFF, we are presenting the views of the filmmakers and their subjects in what we hope is an atmosphere that encourages free expression and public debate. We regret that the filmmaker of Rachel could not be present to discuss the film personally, although we invited her to be here. Cindy Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s mother, is a subject of the documentary, and it is customary (and even expected by audiences) for documentary subjects to participate in Festival screenings. This kind of exchange has occurred throughout our Festival’s long history, and Cindy Corrie herself has addressed audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival, presentations in New York theaters, and other cultural forums. We wish to provide our audiences with the same opportunity. Her appearance at SFJFF is not intended to provide a political platform but rather to deepen the dialogue around the film. Cindy Corrie has publicly advocated for ensuring “justice, freedom, security and economic viability for both Israelis and Palestinians.” We think it will be an illuminating conversation.
Perhaps Cindy Corrie should convert to Islam since she doesn't wish to be a member of the Jewish Community any more. It would be better for her, her family and the Jewish Community if she and her self-hating clan did.

The real truth about Rachel Corrie can be found here. As I have written earlier about this Moonbat, she didn't have enough brains to come in from the rain. The good thing about her death is that it happened before she had any children, thus preventing the birth of more like her.

It is too bad that she wasn't awarded a Darwin Award, but has been made immortal by Elder of Ziyon in his song about her.

Rachel Corrie - the song parody

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