Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moonbats Ahoy!

They are at it again! Those wild and crazy idiots moonbats from Free Gaza came up with enough cash to get their ship Spirit of Humanity Leaky Rust Bucket to sail again.

Where do they get these funds from?

Several IDF navy boats intercepted, boarded and took control of a boat of pro-Arab activists trying to break Israeli sovereignty over coastal waters Tuesday afternoon. No one was injured, and an IDF spokesman told Israel National News that no shots were fired.

It was the first time the IDF has boarded one of the boats since the pro-Arab “Free Gaza” movement began sending ships to Gaza last August. The previous sailing, earlier this year, ended up with a collision with a navy boat that forced the activists away from Gaza. The activists have accused the navy of purposely ramming their vessel.

Free Gaza Ship The Leaky Bucket

If the IDF had rammed any of their boats, they would have sunk. In typical moonbat fashion, they cry wolf when there is only a sheep dog present.

Among the 17 passengers on Tuesday's vessel, not including the captain and three-man crew, are former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire and three journalists, including two from the Arabic-language Al Jazeera network. Other passengers are from the United States, Denmark. Ireland, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen and Britain. One Israeli, Lubna Masarfwa, also is on board, according to the Free Gaze group that organized the voyage.

As the navy surrounded the activists’ boat, McKinney said by phone from the vessel, "I am extremely angry. We demand that the Israeli government call off their attack dogs.”

Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney knows a lot about dogs. She has been called a female dog for years. The Israelis can keep her, the US doesn't want her back.
The IDF would not confirm or deny a charge by an Irish activist that the navy threatened to open fire if the boat did not turn back to Cyprus, where it departed on Monday. The navy boarded the boat after it passed from international waters into the area that Israel controls and which the activists claim belongs to the Palestinian Authority.

The IDF made contact and told the boat it would not be allowed to approach because of security risks and a blockade which Israel has imposed to prevent terrorists and weapons from arriving, according to the IDF. “Despite warnings, they crossed into coastal waters and as a result of this, a naval force intercepted it and boarded it, with the intention of directing it to Ashdod port in Israel.”

The spokesman said the crew and passengers will be turned over to the appropriate authorities, who probably will order their deportation. He added that any aid on board for Gaza residents will be delivered to Gaza. The IDF action is an apparent attempt to put a stop to the Free Gaza sailings, which started out last year with the Foreign Ministry trying to ignore the first boat and prevent a media circus. However, subsequent ships began to include politicians and Arab journalists, and the government put its foot down when the movement tried to reach Gaza during the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign earlier this year.

Free Gaza spokeswoman Greta Berlin responded, “We are not going to stop coming to Gaza. I honestly believe that Israel does not realize the tide of public opinion has changed.”

She also said that only 21 passengers were on board because other space was used for supplies to Gaza residents.

The National Union of Journalists in Britain said it will file a complaint against Israel. Former Congresswoman McKinney, who was on the boat that was in the collision, called on U.S. President Barack Obama and the international community to "intervene now to prevent this situation from escalating with potentially drastic results to the civilians on board."

Read the full story here.
This group doesn't understand why the Israelis won't allow concrete or steel rebars into Gaza. It is very simple: While most people use those materials to build homes, schools, hospitals, etc... The Idiots in Gaza use the same materials only for rockets to fire into Israel.

That is why they live without sewage. The pipes have been removed for rocket materials. Or the fact that even when they do rebuild their homes, they are no way up to modern building codes (actually most Arab buildings wouldn't be up to the codes of the 1920's.

The Free Gaza ship will be impounded. The crew and passengers deported. And already Free Gaza is trying to raise more funds for another run.

And this time the media is ignoring them.


Maggie M. Thornton said...

Didn't McKinney do this once before?

I didn't know that their sewer pipes had been used for weapons, but then a reasonable person wouldn't need to think of such a thing.

Great post.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Cynthia McKinney - she may spend a few days in a nick in Ashdod, will do her no end of good. She will come back with stories on how Zionists tortured and raped her that will raise one's hair ;-)