Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sheikh Raed Salah is stirring up Muslim hatred.

For the last 100 years if a Muslim leader wanted to stir up the Muslim people to riot against the Jews all he had to say was "The Jews claim that their temple was on the Temple Mount and they are planning to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque, and build their temple there." This was very effective in 1929 and 1936. So effective was it that it scared the British into their anti-Semitic policy of the time. A policy that directly led to the death of 6 million Jews in Europe.

Now Sheikh Raed Salah is again trying to stir up the same riots with the same old tired lies:
Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, spoke Wednesday afternoon in front of Muslim students at Haifa University and warned them that Benjamin Netanyahu was intending on completing his plan to gain control of the Temple Mount, which he said the prime minister had tried to do during his first tenure.

The Islamic leader, who was invited to speak by the IQRAA students' organization affiliated with his movement, briefed the students on the history of his movement and on the criminal proceedings taken against him and his people several years ago.

He noted that he had rejected the Shin Bet's offers to agree to concessions in Jerusalem. "We love life, our families, our homes and our children, but if they suggest that we give up our principles and holy sites, we would rather die and we will welcome death."

Salah claimed that the government continued constantly to dig tunnels under the Temple Mount and the al-Aqsa Mosque, and that Netanyahu was planning to complete during his current term what he did not complete during his first one – "to dig additional tunnels under al-Aqsa and rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount."

The Muslim students responded by chanting, "Allahu Akbar" (God is great). At the same time, Jewish students clashed with the university's security officers. Police forces were also dispatched to the area but were no required to intervene.

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The trouble with this man is that he is being taken seriously by the Muslim world. The leaders of the Muslim world parrot his lies as if they were gospel truths. That there was never a temple in Jerusalem, that the Kotel (Western Wall) belongs to the Muslims (some pedophile parked his flying horse at it), that Jews never lived in the land.

And members of the Obama administration echo this sentiments. It is no wonder that the majority of Israelis are turning hard right in the face of such words. It is no wonder that Binyamin Netanyahu is not freezing the settlements, not even considering the return of Israel, will not give and inch to Muslim demands. In fact, he is doing the opposite.

Historical evidence shows that when the Muslims had control of the Old City (between the years 1949 and 1967) they denied Jews access to the Kotel and Christians were refused the right to worship freely. After the reuniting of Jerusalem, all faiths can openly worship freely.

When the IDF first took the old City, it was suggested that they blow up the al-Asqa Mosque. The commanding officer was appalled at the suggestion. During the Jordanian occupation of the old City hundreds of Jewish homes, schools, synagogues, and graves were desecrated, the Jordanians even went so far as the planning of the destruction of the Western Wall. Christians were forbidden to openly worship in the city, and were forbidden to repair any of their holy sites.

The world was silent on these acts.

The world accepts Sheikh Raed Salah words as fact, and it shows in the stance that the Obama administration is taking over the Most Holiest Site in Judaism.

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MK said...

They don't have to take this fellow seriously, it's in their koran, if not this nutjob, it'll be someone else who can read the koran.

"That there was never a temple in Jerusalem, that the Kotel (Western Wall) belongs to the Muslims (some pedophile parked his flying horse at it), that Jews never lived in the land."

From what i've read, he didn't even park his horse there, he was magically transported there when the people wouldn't believe the nonsense that he travelled there and back in a night.