Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Wishes

I lost my father many years ago and my husband 8 years ago, so Father's Day in our household is a bitter sweet day.

On Father's Day your family should provide you, the Dad with the following:

1. Breakfast in bed. Forget the low-fat, low cholesterol nonsense of the rest of the year. This is Dad's day. He needs Man Food! Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Coffee, (you get the picture). Pancakes are a good choice too.

This breakfast should be served with the paper turned to the sports page.

2. No Honey-Do list. Ladies forget the list of chores for Dad. Let him lie back, watch the TV and just lounge around for the day. This is his special day, let him enjoy it.

3. Take Dad out to his favorite restaurant. Actually let him go out with the guys to the nudie bar if they wish. Or down to the local watering hole for a couple of beers. Or where ever they want. It is his day, let him enjoy it as he wants to.

4. TELL HIM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what he does on this day, remind him that you are still very much in love with him. Or if it is your own father, remind him of how much he means to you.

We women really don't ask much from our men. Change a dirty diaper, burp the baby, play with the kids, do a few chores around the house, and kill those mean, nasty, horrible spiders that keep popping up (especially in the bathroom).

Still My Daddy: Fathers Day Video

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Have A Great Day Dads!

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KG said...

Nice post. :-) It's good to see dads get some recognition and appreciation.