Friday, June 26, 2009

The Stupidity of the Media!

With a revolution being suppressed in Iran. And the President proposing a Universal Health Care that will cost over $1 Trillion. With a recession and unemployment getting worse. And the looming threat of North Korea attacking South Korea and Japan. What is the Media reporting on almost non-stop?

The death of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was a singer, and entertainer, and a businessman. Yes he was talented. Yes he sang beautifully and his songs will last forever. But he never saved another life. He never invented a miracle cure for a disease. He never brought about peace in any region of the world.

Michael Jackson had the name pedophile follow him. Not once, but a few times did young boys come forth and claim that he molested them. In 1993 the first investigation was started, he was acquitted of molestation charges in 2003. Yet more rumors spread about this aspect of his behavior.

This is not an obituary of Michael Jackson. He was an entertainer. Instead I will give you a different person for me to honor:

Roi Klein


Major Roi Klein, IDF, Golani Brigade.

Born in Raanana, Israel on July 10, 1975, husband to Sara and a father to Gilad and Yoav.

During the Battle of Bint Jbeil, a hand grenade was thrown into the house where Klein and his unit were present. Klein told his men "Report that I've been killed" and subsequently jumped on the live grenade and stopped the explosion with his body. Klein was killed on the spot but his soldiers were saved by his act of self-sacrifice. The soldiers reported that Klein recited the Jewish prayer, Shema Yisrael, as he jumped on the grenade.

Roi Klein became a symbol for heroism in Israel. New schools in Netanya and Raanana have been named after him.

For his actions during the war Klein received the Medal of Courage posthumously.

With All Your Soul

View at YouTube

I prefer to honor true heroes, not unbalanced rock stars. It is too bad the Media refuses to do so too.


Jenn Sierra said...

Hear! Hear!

Major Klein, and one of countless other IDF, U.S. and allied forces soliers in this war on terror deserve the respect (and "moments of silence" in Congress!) that MJ is now being given.

Our media is pathetic.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

OMgosh, was MJ given a moment of silence in Congress???? I hope not. Great post findalis, and highlighting the fact that the press highlights nothing of import to the world at large.

auntybrat said...

Thank you!