Sunday, June 28, 2009

School Is Out!

Let the games begin?

On June 22, 2009 a Latino teen ran out of his house carrying a bottle filled with homemade acid. His target: Jewish children. 8 of them were injured in the eyes, 2 of them seriously.
The incident happened about 8 p.m. on Sunday at S. 8th Street in the Williamsburg section of the borough. One of the victims, 10-year-old Yaakov Frankel, along with several witnesses told police that someone ran out of a building across the street from the courtyard where children were playing and tossed the homemade device at them. An explosion that released some sort of Drano-type mix got into the eyes of Frankel and a 12-year-old girl, causing them to be hospitalized. Six other children suffered burns and were treated at the scene.

"They were playing and all of a sudden a bottle came in with liquid, and it spins around and exploded into their eyes and [onto] the clothes of the kids," said Hindy Frankel, Yaakov's mother. "Everybody ran!"

The two injured children were kept in Bellevue overnight as their eyes were flushed out. What has residents even more upset is that they believe police had a chance to prevent the incident from happening when they called about rocks being thrown at them from the same building.

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The police aren't calling this a hate crime, they don't see it as any more than the run of the mill neighborhood feuding. I wonder if the reverse would be true if the victims were Latino and the perpetrator was Jewish. Then you would see everyone from Maxine Waters to Al Sharpton marching down the street chanting: Death to the Jews! Just like he did in 1991.

Now if this was the only incidents involving minority attacks on Jews, it would be isolated. But it isn't.
New York City police arrested two youth who vandalized two Lower East Side synagogues on Thursday with eggs, smoke bombs, and swastikas.

The teenagers, a 15-year old Asian and a 16-year old black, drew a large swastika on the United Hebrew Center on East Broadway. The two then set off a smoke bomb before heading to the Bialystoker synagogue on Willet Street, where they drew a second swastika and through eggs at the building.

Police plan on charging the Lower East Side vandals with the hate crimes of aggravated harassment, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

“This is a desecration of G-d, no matter what your religion,” said New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who attends the Bialystoker synagogue. “It is just a despicable act that really should tug at the heartstrings of all of us.”

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that the Civil Rights Bureau would open an investigation into the crime calling it “outrageous and deeply disturbing.”
Now who or what put this idea in these teens heads? Could it be the Mainstream Media and their anti-Semitic take on Israel and Jews? Jeremiah Wright blaming the Jews for not letting him see Obama? Or was it the loving rants from the idiot for the left Cynthia McKinney? Someone put this idea in their brains. The good thing was that these two idiotsmorons did not have the knowledge on how to make bombs. Sometimes a substandard education does have great results.


Jenn Sierra said...

I'm continually amazed at the utter hypocrisy of so-called "hate-crime" laws. It seems to be a common understanding amongst the liberal legal/law enforcement establishment that members of "minority groups" are not capable of committing hate crimes - only of being victims of hate-crimes.

It seems the only perpetrators of hate crimes, under the current legislation are all white, Christian, straight and usually male. Where's the logic?

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Findalis, these are terrible stories. I think the causes are all you have mentioned, but it starts at home with ignorant and mean-spirited parents. Something gives these kids the feeling that they can make a bomb, and not only that, they can put acid in it - and they can throw it a neighbor. Every child that attempts actions like comes from a home that lives in hate and talks about it often.

madmath1 said...

This shows how the hatred of God, except Allah, are going to use Hate Crimes against us. When they attack us, it's boy are just being boys, but when a white moron does it, it's to the guillitines. After these racists are done with the Jew, Christians are next. Just look at what's happening here in California with Prop. 8 and the Miss California brine. Not one filing of a hate crime against Christians or Mormons and what Perez Hilton did was a hate crime slandering that woman, but the left are tyrants and anti-Christs and I expecting nothing more from them.