Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Universal Flu Vaccine

Hat tip to Yid With Lid

Imagine if you could get one flu shot that would last for three to five years, and protect you from all the different strains of flu around the world?

That is the possibility if the new universal flu vaccine, developed by BiondVax Pharmaceuticals, and undergoing human trials in Tel Aviv prove to be effective.
Unlike current flu vaccines which can only protect people from a few strains of the virus every year, BiondVax is developing a universal flu vaccine that could be effective against almost any type of flu, from the regular seasonal ones, to avian flu, and even pandemic flu viruses like swine flu.
A Revolutionary Flu Vaccine

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Now that is something to shout about. But it really isn't that surprising to me. Israel has become a leader in the BioTech field these pass couple of years.

The Israeli government is committed to investing over $25 million in new BioTech companies.

That type of government investment pays off. Already the world is seeing a group of new BioTech treatments and devices that will help improve the quality of life. Treatments for severe
Morning Sickness, and Breast Cancer have been announced this week alone. Re-Walk, the exoskeleton, developed by Argo Medical Technologies, is now undergoing human trials here in the US.

It seems that each week, more, and more medical advances are being announced by Israeli BioTech companies. Advances that heal the sick, help the disabled to improve their quality of life, prevent disease and give all of humanity a better future.

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