Thursday, October 9, 2008

Islamic takeover of U.S. already under way

From ACT for America

Expert warns 'mainstream media' providing 'talking points' of Arab countries

An expert on terrorism is warning the United States should be fighting Islamization, which she believes already is under way. And author Brigitte Gabriel should know: She watched it happen in her native Lebanon.

"Lebanon used to be the only majority Christian country in the Middle East," Gabriel told radio talk show host Andrea Shea King in a recent hour-long interview. "Most people today do not know that. We were the majority, the Muslims were the minority, but as the years went by, the Muslims became the majority because of their birth rate, but also because of our open-border policy.

"We welcomed everyone into our country," Gabriel said, and people didn't realize that the "minority," the Muslims in the society, "was not tolerant" and "did not believe all people were equal."

"They tried to impose their way of thinking on us, and they succeeded," she said.

The result, Gabriel said, was that a radical terrorist organization tied to Islam, Hezbollah, now rules in Lebanon.

As WND reported, Gabriel is fearful that terrorists believe now is the time to strike at America, while it is distracted by financial tension and election turmoil. She expressed the concerns during an interview with KSFO's Barbara Simpson, when she also discussed her new book, "They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It."

Gabriel's new interview with King is available on BlogTalkRadio.

She noted it's been seven years since the Sept. 11, 2001, act of war on U.S. soil by Islamists, but America is falling to Islam's attack, and the battle already is far advanced.

"They do not need to fire a single bullet to destroy us," she said. "They are taking over our country culturally, just like they have taken over Europe."

She said Islam is being taught across the U.S. as part of world history courses for seventh graders.

"A three-week course is teaching students to memorize and recite Islamic prayers and verses from the Quran," she said. "Students have to adopt Islamic names, fast for a day to experience Ramadan, the holiest of Islamic religious holidays, and write about their experience as a Muslim at the end of the program. The exercises during the class include encouraging students to incorporate Arabic phrases such as Allahu Akbar in their speeches, and for students to imagine they were meeting disciples on a pilgrimage to Mecca. This is a state-approved curriculum, using state-adopted textbooks that have been part of the instructional program in California for over a decade."

WND reported this week that a new study shows U.S. textbooks provide "information" such as that Jesus was a Palestinian and the nation of Israel imposes terrorism on others but is not a victim a terrorism.

"Now it is being rolled out nationwide. One book I discuss in particular is 'Across the Centuries,' published by Houghton Mifflin. The Muslim Council on Education has been busy working with the State Department of Education and America's top three publishers who …are literally rewriting history," Gabriel said.

"'Across the Centuries' is a staple in the State of California. This textbook is at best, a well of misinformation. It is 558 pages long and covers the 1500 years from the fall of the Roman Empire and the French Revolution. The text includes 55 pages devoted to Islam, seven pages noting the Middle Ages in Europe, and six pages of Christian history. The chapter on the Byzantine Empire received only six pages. The chapter on Islam accounts for 10 percent of the text, while Christianity and Judaism are almost entirely absent," she said.

"This is public education approved by the State Board of Education nationwide! Our students are being indoctrinated into Islam in our public schools and we don't even have a clue! How can this be allowed to be taught in public schools in America? Most people do not know about it because it is flying under the radar!" she said.

At the university level it's worse, she said.

"What's been happening for the last 16 years, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states ... because of the money coming from the oil, they have been pumping millions of dollars into our universities appointing Arab professors who are anti-American, anti-Israel, who have been basically brain-washing our students into believe we are the problem," she said.

"The children, who have been educated in American universities for the last 16 years, have graduated and are now working ... not influenced ... by our patriotic education as Americans, but they have been influenced by Arab thinking ... [and] hatred based on revenge," she said.

"The writing is on the wall. Who would have thought that Shariah would come to Harvard University with regulated women-only gym hours? That an imam in Des Moines, Iowa, gave an opening prayer at the 2007 Iowa Legislature's opening session in which he called on Allah to give victory over those who disbelieve? Muslim taxi drivers in Minnesota who refuse to pick up passengers carrying alcohol? The first Islamic public school, the Kahlil Gibran Academy, that opened in 2007, funded by tax dollars! American colleges designating Islamic prayer rooms on campus for use by Muslims only!" Gabriel said.

"Those of us who come from the Middle East and see what's happening in the U.S. ... shake our heads in amazement," she said, calling her book a warning. "We are coming up to a very important election. This is the time we need to understand what is at stake, why our voice counts, why we need to go out and vote. This is the time to make a difference before it is too late," she said.

She said that's why besides her book, she's launched the website.

"We launched this out of American Congress for Truth as our activism and political lobbying arm because I realized talking by itself is only wasting hot air and is entertainment. Action is the only way that's going to make a difference," she said. "History reveals that the apathetic give way to the passionate, the complacent are subdued by the committed. ACT for is mobilizing people all over the country and giving them the tools to resist the Islamic infiltration in our society on every level: schools, governments, universities and corporations.

"Our work is vital in educating the American public about what is happening behind the scenes," she said.

"I encourage people to go to our website Act for I know we have citizen action training seminars coming up in Kansas City and in Indianapolis within the next two weeks. Sign up and attend them if you are in those areas. And check where we have chapters across the country and either join a chapter, or if there's no chapter in your community, sign up to lead one. Organized power at the grass roots level trumps the voices of political correctness," Gabriel said.

"The radical Islamists promised to destroy us, and as you know from the recent war in Lebanon, that country is now nearly Islamic," she said.

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From Monkey in the Middle:
For the last year there have been warnings of this nature from many sources, yet the American people refuse to believe them. What will it take to force the American people into believing that the future of the United States will see a full implementing of Shar'ia law into the US legal system?

What American Women will be wearing in a few years!

Is the Hajib to be forced on American women?
Is the vote to be taken from non-Muslim citizens?
Is the Jizya to be forced on all non-Muslims?

Today more Americans are more worried about who will win American Idol than who will lead them as President. They are more concerned with Football teams than their freedoms. And they will lose their freedoms if we are not careful.


Debbie said...

Gabriel is correct, they don't need to attack or fire one single shot. They are gaining on us just like they did in Europe.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Mark In Irvine said...

every person who has his or her own blog ought to post a link to this story so the word gets out. turn off the TV and read up on what can happen here if we don't pay attention and defend our principles. keeping ALL religion out of all government will help, because once any religion creeps in there will be no way to keep any other religion out.

WomanHonorThyself said...

this is just too frightening for words my friend!

Mitch77 said...

Mark In Irvine said...
keeping ALL religion out of all government will help, because once any religion creeps in there will be no way to keep any other religion out.

Sorry Mark but that's just wrong,
I understand how it might seem right.
The fact is that this was always and only designed to be a Christian nation. Most of our forefathers, the designers of the nationhood said so. And the entire system is built upon Christian morality. Without which it will collapse (which they also said). No other religion extols truth and virtue like Christ, not even close. And there is no protection from any error or perversion, or cult, or any form of immorality without a solid relatively uniform morality that is agreed upon. As soon as it is "up to the individual" people will believe anything and everything and there is no just reason to inhibit anything.
If any mans opinion is valid then there is no measure, no right or rational to keep anything in or out of anywhere. Secularism speeds this slide toward the abyss precisely because it rejects the moral authority to establish boundaries. The most secular of the EU states were the fastest to fall into deep trouble with Islam. Had the US continued accepting the sound and wise morality of Judeo Christian history this issue would never have come up.

Mark In Irvine said...

mitch77, I disagree. I personally believe and accept that religious faith is necessary to live, but there is too much historical evidence that combining religion with government leads to terrible abuses. I think the present-day Islamic states are the latest examples of that. I think we need a more aggressive effort to keep religion, ALL religion, out of American government and politics, so there is absolutely no question about it having no place there. Then, we will be able to repel the efforts of Islam to insinuate itself into American political, governmental, and legal life. I'm very serious about this. Look at what's happening in England - it has its own state church and can't "lawfully" keep sharia out because its own and political and legal system is larded with religion. There are so-called "secular" states that are doing a better job of national morality than the USA is doing at the moment, if we measure morality by the numbers of abortions and crimes and so on. We should not be afraid to take our religion-neutral Constitution seriously at its word, even if it means that we don't get official support for religion. It is one of the very important qualities that has made the USA the shining city on the hill that it is and can be, IMHO.

Brian H said...

England only has a problem with its CoE content in law and practice because it will not acknowledge that Islam is the ENEMY, and is trying to apply general fairness rules and thought to it. It doesn't apply; this is a primitive cult determined to dominate the planet, whether by conversion, conquest, or breeding like roaches.

This is to the death, and the sooner that's acknowledged, the better.