Friday, January 31, 2014

Only 24% of Uninsured See ObamaCare as Favorable - Down 11% From Previous Month

A survey from the Kaiser Foundation finds the favorability of ObamaCare among the uninsured is down 11% in one month from an already abysmally low ranking and half of all Americans believe health care costs have been soaring faster than usual.

Among the uninsured, 47 percent view Obamacare in a negative light versus the 24 percent who view it favorably. That’s a change from 43 percent who viewed it unfavorably last month, and 36 percent who viewed it favorably. Overall, half of Americans view Obamacare unfavorably, while just over one-third have a positive take on the law. ​
More of the uninsured also said Obamacare made them worse off (39 percent) than improved their situation (26 percent), according to the poll. Source: The Corner
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