Friday, January 24, 2014

Greg Gutfeld: The Scariest Two Words in a White Liberals Dictionary

To set the scene, the discussion on The Five was about the newest abuse that the only black Senator in Congress, Republican Tim Scott (SC), endured with great grace and good humor after a black NAACP member, Rev. William Barber II, called Scott a "ventriloquist dummy." Bob Beckel said he didn't understand why conservative blacks in Congress think "no one likes them," and "no one listens to them." Maybe because blacks in Congress will never welcome black conservatives. Remember former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) who joined the Black Congressional Congress (CBC) and they tried to stop him, and definitely DID NOT WANT HIM THERE. Tim Scott decided not to invite the reverse racism into his life, and as a Congressman did not join. 

 So after Beckel finished, Gutfeld followed with this:
“The scariest two words in a white liberal dictionary are ‘Allen West,’” he declared. “If they see him walking down the street, they cross it and get fleeced by Al Sharpton. It’s white liberals, in every — whether it’s on social networks or on TV — that mock black conservatives. The way they treat Mia Love, the way they treat Allen West, the way they treat Tim Scott. It’s not an exception. It’s the rule.” Source: Daily Caller
Beckel's exact words:

“I don’t understand why it is that black conservatives always feel like they’re — you know, they’re disenfranchised or nobody likes them,” he said, to outrage from the panel. “Maybe I didn’t phrase that right,” he backtracked. “Why is it that black conservatives believe that nobody listens to them, that they have the answers and that we’re constantly drowning them out?”
The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) consists of every single black in the House, a bunch of fools like Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Rangel, and Hank Johnson, not to mention Emanuel Cleaver who said he was "spat upon" the night health care passed. It was a lie. Maxine Waters who said Democrats will "nationalize" the oil industry, Sheila Jackson Lee said "We have martial law," speaking about how fast a bill can be passed to shut down anything Democrats do not like. She also said "I stand here a freed slave...." And don't forget Charlie Rangel, the most corrupt member of Congress, black or white, as far as we know. Gutfeld's point, however, centered on the white Liberals in Congress who disparage all conservative blacks ALL OF THEM. Don't forget what white Liberals did to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. Those were some very dark days in America.

With television and the Internet, most of us are busy with the business of trying to clean up government and shape its policies. The environment today calls for truth through colorful words that leave no doubt of the truth behind them. That's the only way we get listened to.

The video below is not the conversation you see above, but a more important one of Gutfeld showing clips of West and Scott from CPAC 2013, and Gutfeld pointing out that under white Democrat domination of blacks in America, they are no longer in the back of the bus, they're under it.

Greg Gutfeld on Blacks in America, Former Rep. Allen West and Senator Tim Scott (video)

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