Monday, January 27, 2014

Illegal Alien, Florida Drug Kingpin, on Food Stamps and Busted While on House Arrest!

Pablo Borgen was arrested, again. He had a complete organization. Police had a flow chart with Borgen at the top. He continued to deal drugs while on House Arrest for a 2008 drug trafficking charge. He is a citizen of the Dominican Republic, and receives food stamps, $900.00 monthly, as do a “handful of others” involved with him. According to the report coming from Winter Haven, Florida, “leaders, sellers, users, marketers” were arrested, and most have a criminal history, and some are illegal aliens.

Pablo Bergen
Borgen wrapped his heroin in glossy green paper — his signature trademark for his product, which was found “all over the county,” but mainly in Lakeland.” Thirty-three arrests have been made over the past 14 months. We are not told how long Borgen has been on food stamps.

The idiots at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who approve applications for benefits for illegals, should be fired, but then we know the Department has advertised for more people to enroll, get on the government dole, become a victim, vote for and be controlled by, Democrats. Who approved Pablo Borgen for food stamps?
Pablo Borgen Arrested, Illegal Alien Heroin Dealer on Food Stamps (video)

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