Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Knighthood For Andy Choudary

The latest by Pat Condell

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It's time to recognize a true British hero. #AndyChoudary

British wildlife pics # 1: The bearded muppet

British wildlife pics # 2: The bag-headed muppet

Andy warns Muslim restauranteurs they face flogging for selling alcohol

Andy says Muslim vigilantes who terrorised non-believers deserve a pat on the back

Andy is accused of sending hundreds to join al-Qaeda

Laws against inciting hatred: funny how an Islamist hate preacher is never prosecuted

Fury at "idiot" cleric's BBC interview

The Andy Choudary we know and love, swilling beer and cider, smoking dope and leering at porn

A month of horror for persecuted Christians

Christian persecution around the world

The Islamisation of Britain 2013

New year honours 2014: The full list

The Camberwell Carrot

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