Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blogging Will Be Light!

The pipes that feed hot water to my apartment have frozen, the landlord (INVESCO) refuses to fix the pipes.  I am at wits end since I haven't showered since Monday and there is no chance for my pipes being fixed within a month.  Any suggestions on how to get my landlord (INVESCO) to fix the problem let me know.  And no I don't know where the pipe is nor do I have a blow dryer.

Will be back as soon as I get a hot shower.



Bigfoot said...

I would think that your landlord has the responsibility to keep your apartment in working order, and not take a month for each repair. Or are other tenants having the same problem?

In any event, stay warm.

Findalis said...

The whole building is without hot water. One tenant is in law school and dropped the hint of a lawsuit.

It seems the extreme cold froze the pipes from the hot water heater to the building. Hopefully, G-d willing, it will be fixed by tomorrow. But with this landlord, don't count on it.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Lawsuit is the way to get the creeps.

Gary Fouse said...

File a complaint with the city.