Friday, January 4, 2013

The Way This Administration Supports The Troops

It is no secret that President Barack Hussein Obama and his regime had a great hatred for the US Military and the men and women who serve in it.  It is seen in their faces every time they interact with them.  So it really shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us when this came to my attention via Facebook.  Hat Tip to Pastor Ed Boston

For those of you who haven't heard, our elected officials believe that our military who are deployed overseas don't have a need for breakfast anymore, and our troops found out the hard way they were being denied such effective today.

"There are signs posted on the chow halls [saying that breakfast will not be provided], then once inside, I asked the girl that checks the cards if we were getting no HOT meals and just cereal etc or nothing, and she told us no, the halls will be locked, and they were. Most soldiers found out by showing up this morning and finding the chow halls locked. We got a days notice, no MRE's, nothing. It would make sense to cut the LUNCH chow out or at least down to just cold meat sandwiches, cause when on mission, most don't ever seen lunch. That Day's Notice, was just a sign on the chow hall. If you didn't go to a chow hall yesterday or hear, you were surprised. I had grabbed stuff last night, apples, oranges, v8 and snacks, but a lot of soldiers didn't."

'In another message, the soldier explained that defense budget cuts in the bill recently passed to avoid the fiscal cliff are apparently the reason that breakfast will no longer be served. As an American who believes that our troops deserve the full support of the country they are fighting to protect, I must adamantly express my disapproval for this "no breakfast" policy and urge Congressman Wolf to change it. I do not know if this policy is widespread throughout Afghanistan or if it is only affecting a few bases, but to be blunt - one base is one too many. The soldiers in this particular unit are combat engineers -- it is their job to go before the infantry to clear the route of IEDs. How can they be expected to have the sharpness of mind and strength of body required for such a dangerous & demanding job if they are not provided a solid meal at the beginning of the day? Also, what message is Congress sending our soldiers by taking away a such staple of everyday life--breakfast? It's a message the conveys a lack of support, awareness, & gratitude for the dangerous, sacrificial work that they are doing. And that is an absolutely unacceptable message for our brave soldiers to receive.'
Is this the way to prepare our troops for battle?  Send them off without breakfast?  I can understand lunch, but the body needs breakfast to provide energy for the day ahead.  No MRIs either.  And in Afghanistan these men and women cannot just run down to the nearest store and buy a meal.

Pretty soon it will be Lunch, then Dinner.  After all our troops don't need or deserve food.  They are expendable.

Call your Congressman today.  Demand that our troops be fed properly.

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dweeb said...

Absolutely and totally NOT true. The author's dislike of the current adminstration is such that he spins nothing into something based on even less innuendo and scuttlebutt. Not one word of any of this has been repored by any credible 'lamestream' news outlet nor by the Washington Times, the WND, the Blaze or Fox News.