Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slavery In The 21st Century

Hat tip to The Muslim Issue

It is no secret that slavery exists today.  All over the Muslim world (especially in Africa) men own their fellow humans.  This film from the 1960s shows the horrors of African slavery.  If you believe that anything has changed, you are mistaken.  Although the names change, slavery still exists.

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Slavery still exists today.  This video that embedding has been discontinued shows us but one story.  There are many.  Those who wish this video not to be seen cannot change the fact that the truth is out there.

There are those in the West that cry out for these souls.  But in reality the West says nothing, does nothing.  In fact many governments accept this as normal.  Western government grant visa, hand money to the slavers, some even encourage them.  All for the all mighty oil dollar.  The UN will do nothing for the slavers control the UN.  Is it any wonder that this stinking trade lives on when the foxes are guarding the hen house.

Slavery in modern day Mauritania: Black African slaves still treated badly in Mauritana by Arab Muslims. Mauritanians head to the polls on Saturday to elect their president but one community remains highly marginalized. Thousands of Haratine are still reduced to slavery in spite of legislation theoretically banning the practice. These people became enslaved 800 years ago under Muslim invasion and the practice continues even today under the country’s Muslim rule.

80% of mauritanians peoples are white Arab-Berberes = hassani. 20% are African black “Wolof and Foulan tribes”. Black slaves still fighting for rights in Arab Muslim country.  Help give them a voice.  Don't let their cries be silenced.  Let the world know, pass this on.

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