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Egyptian Cleric Hisham Al-'Ashri: The Two Planes That Hit The World Trade Center On 9/11 Were Controlled By The U.S. Air Force; It Is The 'Dream Of My Life' To Wage War Against Israel; There Is No Such Thing As A 'Christian Religion'

Once again we are hearing the "truth" being put upon the Muslim world.  This time from Egypt.

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Hisham Al-'Ashri, which aired on Al-Tahrir TV on January 10, 2013. Al-'Ashri, who recently returned to Egypt from the U.S., has established a committee for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.

Egyptian Cleric: War with Israel Is the Dream of My Life; No Such Thing as a Christian Religion

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Interviewer: "Does the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11 constitute Jihad?"

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "Well, it depends who did it. Jihad is only for Muslims. They even say 'Jihad' in English because they have no equivalent. [...]

"I call on everybody to type in Google '911,' and then click. You will get an incredible amount of videos, documents, and documentaries made by Americans – not Muslims, Arabs, or people of Arab origin – proving that the Islamists had nothing to do with 9/11, unless they were targeted.

"The two planes that hit the World Trade Center were military planes, not civilian ones."

Interviewer: "So, those who led this...

"They were controlled by..."

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "By the U.S. airforce. [...]

"Under Mubarak, Egypt did not have a war for 30 years. Israel, on the other hand, did not last for 30 days without a war. The U.S. did not last for three months without a war."

Interviewer: "That's true."

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "England and France did not last for three years without a war."

Interviewer: "But these were not direct wars..."

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "Yes, they were. America is fighting a direct war..."

Interviewer: "I was referring to England and France."

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "They joined America in the Iraq war..."

Interviewer: "They fought wars outside their borders."

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "They sent fighters to fight. Our concept of war is that it is great to live in peace, as long as you do not enter a war in which you will be defeated. Got it? When I do not engage in a war for 30 years, but I allow my enemy to have a war every 30 days – this is negligence."

Interviewer: "Does that mean you are calling us to wage a war against Israel?"

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "It is the dream of my life to wage war against Israel, under the command of the state, the president, the regime, and the army. I will not decide all by myself to start a war. [...]

"There is no such thing as a Christian religion. Did Jesus come to prophesy the Christian religion?"

Interviewer: "He came to prophesy his religion..."

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "The Christian religion?"

Interviewer: "Or did he come to call people to monotheism?" [...]

Hisham Al-'Ashri: "In Islam, we believe that our religion is the true religion, and that the Muslims will enter Paradise. Out of love for the Christians, I call upon them to enter Paradise with me." [...]
According to Christianity Jesus came to save the souls of believers.  He is not a prophet, but the Messiah.  But Islam has taken the Messiah Jesus, turned him into a prophet with no powers but to prepare the way for Muhammad (MHBIH).

Muslims will deny all of this but remember the idea of taqiyya:
Qur'an (3:54) - "And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers."
The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means deceit.

There is no such religion called Chrislam.  It is Islam being marketed to Christians in a form that they will swallow in small doses.  Eventually they believe that the Christians will convert to Islam believing it is a form of Christianity and discover:

1.  The truth about Islam.

2.  Once your convert you cannot leave the faith.

I encourage everyone to read the Koran.  I suggest 5 pages a day.  Learn it, know it, understand the religion.  For you will have done what most Muslims never do.  In fact over 90% of Muslims have never read the Koran.  For if they did they would have left the faith.

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