Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stand Up to the Israel Boycotters

Gary Fouse

On March 30, the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel loons will be coming out of the woodwork again urging you not to buy Israeli products. My pals at Stand With Us are promoting a counter-attack urging customers to make it a point to bu Israeli products. It has worked beautifully in previous years, and we can make it work again. Remember the Trader Joe's protest? That's when I made a point to walk into the place and pick up some Israeli cous-cous along with my usual wine purchases. (It was pretty good too.)

Keep in mind that these folks are the usual far-left misfits, Code Pink, International Solidarity Movement, Free Gaza and all those other anarchists with too much time on their hands. When you see these professional protestors, make it a point to show them your Israeli products as you exit the store.

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